As the cliché goes, "It's that time of the year!" For most, it means Yuletide. For us, it means coming together like the Witches of Macbeth, bar the cauldrons and regicides. Brunch became lunch, as is custom with us. At this point we wouldn't be so wrong to believe the bear in the John Lewis Christmas advert is a manifestation of our perennial tardiness to anything remotely relevant. Except for trends – in that respect, we always keep ourselves at the forefront, like schoolkids at the aquarium of couture wonders.

   Pull & Bear  boots

Pull & Bear boots

   Mango  leather jacket,  Asos  dress and  Cheap Monday  sunglasses 

Mango leather jacket, Asos dress and Cheap Monday sunglasses 

   Topshop  leather dungarees and jacket (seen above);  H&M  sweater;  sixtyseven  boots;  Ray Ban  sunglasses

Topshop leather dungarees and jacket (seen above); H&M sweater; sixtyseven boots; Ray Ban sunglasses

   Zara  coat, sweater and leather trousers;  Asos  boots, necklace and sunglasses

Zara coat, sweater and leather trousers; Asos boots, necklace and sunglasses