Sunday Circle: November Extras


As you can tell from the photos, we had extremely good weather back in October. Thank goodness we held most of the shoot indoors. Take it from us, outwear and sunshine are a lethal combination. We've wrapped up on our December feature for the Sunday Circle which has yet to come out. However, as a thank-you gift for your patience, here are some outtakes from the November shoot at Caffe Cordina.

 All by  Pull & Bear

All by Pull & Bear

 Clothes by  Pull & Bear  | Necklace by  Marks & Spencer

Clothes by Pull & Bear | Necklace by Marks & Spencer

 Shirt and coat by  Tommy Hilfiger  |  Blazer by  Marks & Spencer  | Jeans by  Pull & Bear

Shirt and coat by Tommy Hilfiger |  Blazer by Marks & Spencer | Jeans by Pull & Bear

 All by  Tommy Hilfiger

All by Tommy Hilfiger

  On Sandro : shirt by  Marks & Spencer  | jacket, jeans and beanie by  Pull & Bear  | sunglasses by  Tommy Hilfiger  | shoes by  Bata   On Claire  : coat, shirt and trousers by   Marks & Spencer   | sunglasses and bag by   Tommy Hilfiger   | shoes by   Bata

On Sandro: shirt by Marks & Spencer | jacket, jeans and beanie by Pull & Bear | sunglasses by Tommy Hilfiger | shoes by Bata
On Claire: coat, shirt and trousers by Marks & Spencer | sunglasses and bag by Tommy Hilfiger | shoes by Bata

 Coat, jumper and necklace by  Marks & Spencer   | sunglasses by   Tommy Hilfiger

Coat, jumper and necklace by Marks & Spencer | sunglasses by Tommy Hilfiger