We would like to interrupt our regularly scheduled programme to wish our November-born third of a whole a WONDERFUL HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

There's loads to say about our fabulous Claire. She's beautiful, clever, creative and interesting. What sets hers apart from the rest of our friends is that, despite her obvious good looks, she never chose to go down the predictable path towards conventional beauty. Her slightly skewed perspective has, rather than marginalised her, earned her the respect and awe of all those lucky enough to have met her in some form or fashion. On a more personal note, Nicole and I know that behind closed doors, she is as silly and human as you and I. We've seen her in her uncool pyjamas, we have photos of her pulling weird expressions that have yet to see the light of day (tick, tock…) and know for a fact that, despite her "I'm so indie it hurts" façade, she has an undying love for The Saturdays.

Now that we've dished the dirt and poured it all over her birthday cake, it's time to clean it off and light the candles for her to blow out. We wish you the best year of your life – it's got to be, we'll be there – and we can't wait to walk the same path we've walked for the last five years.

We love you veeeeeeeery much!

xx Nicole & Sandro xx