Sunday Circle: October Extras

Sandro: Shirt and suit by Scotch & Soda at Junction | Scarf as pocket square by Saz Mifsud
Loafers by Aldo
Nicole: Dress by Massimo Dutti | Bag and sunglasses by MAX&Co. | Shoes by Aldo
Scarf by Saz Mifsud
Claire: Top and trousers by MAX&Co. | Sandals, bag and jewellery by Aldo
PhotographyŠ Matthew Spiteri

We've managed to plaster our faces on the pages of The Sunday Circle for one more issue in this trend-centric feature photographed by Matthew Spiteri. As you may or may not know, the Wignacourt Museum has recently reopened following a head-to-toe makeover (in keeping with the spirit of fashion lingo), so they have kindly accepted to host us as we posed and chattered amidst the great heritage contained within. The article and photos will be available online soon, for those who couldn't get their hands on a printed copy. In the meantime, enjoy the extra shots!

Also, look out for Saz Mifsud's scarves, whose launch we featured in a previous post. All available online at

Claire: Blazer, sweater and jeans at Massimo Dutti | Bag, sandals and jewellery at Aldo
Nicole: Top, trousers and sunglasses at MAX&Co. | Sandals by Aldo

Same as before.

Same as before.

Bomber jacket and jeans by Maison Scotch at Junction | T-shirt by Massimo Dutti
Bag and jewellery by Aldo | Scarf (inside bag) by Saz Mifsud

Nicole: same as before, boots by MAX&Co.
Sandro: Jacket, shirt, T-shirt, jeans and necklace by Scotch & Soda at Junction | boots by Aldo
Claire: Top and jeans by Maison Scotch at Junction | shoes and bag by MAX&Co. | jewellery by Aldo

We'd like to thank the photographer Matthew, as well as all the sponsors and the team at Sunday Circle for letting us to do what we love and share it with all of you out there!