Summer in October

Winter seems to have forgotten our island's existence and has allowed for Summer to reign on. I'm not one who deals well with low temperatures but currently my wardrobe is starting to look like a forlorn jumble sale. 

This outfit is a representation of trying to make the most out of new pieces and trends while still remaining relevant to the 30-degree weather outside. I still make the mistake of going out with a leather jacket as soon as I feel as slight breeze and end up sweltering in the heat and regretting my outfit choice later on in the day.

I've been eyeing this top for months and have seen it all over photos taken during this season's Fashion Week in all the four capitals. Luckily, a friend of mine from Cologne brought it over just in time for me to still make the most out of!

Top, Trousers - Zara, Bag - MAX & Co., Cuff - New Look, Shoes - Ben de Lisi for Principles, Sunglasses - Epos, Watch - Daniel Wellington


N x