To Err is Human

I was watching a video in one of the many rooms at Blitz, when I had an epiphany of sorts. Not a major one where you get a flash of universal understanding about Life with a capital L. Rather the equivalent of finally finding that one missing puzzle piece that's been eluding you for the last thirty minutes (although the puzzle is far from being complete). I realised that, whether I understood art (or Art – it's a capital letter kind of day today) or not, I was still glad that we had an exhibition space where it can be displayed without fear of judgement, rejection or even censorship. I'm not saying that we don't have plenty of exhibition areas or art (or Art) here in Malta – au contraire – but the kind of art that is immediately classified as "weird" or "pointless" without being given a chance to explain and justify itself rarely gets a spot in the limelight.

We were kindly invited by Alexandra Pace to view the private opening of Human, a mixed-media exhibition by ten young, up-and-coming artists. Bonus points for the fact that it will coincide with Notte Bianca! From snakes, to musical metal, to taxidermy and explosions, it's the perfect opportunity for people whose curiosity is always itching for more. The subject matter is as varied as the media, so anyone whose attention span is as big as his thumbnail (or Thum— sorry, got carried away) will find solace in diversity. Also, musical metal. Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about? Great, you've got till the 9th of October to find out.

Perforated leather top by Zara | Biker jeans by H&M | Heels by Asos
Clutch bag by United Colors of Benetton

 Francis by Rebecca Bonaci

 Striped T-shirt and trousers by Zara | Sandals by Warehouse via Asos
Necklace by New Look | bag from Milan

Old shirt by Primark (get over it) | Faux leather biker trousers and tasselled loafers by Zara