We love art exhibitions. Seeing new and established talent displaying their craft here in Malta gives us hope for the future, as we shine our beacon just that little bit brighter in the global eye of fashion and art. We had the pleasure of attending the opening of C, a collaborative effort between photographer Elisa von Brockdorff, stylist Gayle Zerafa (aka Gayle Fashion Stylist), make-up artist Gabrielle Zammit Grungo and hair stylist Chris Galea, who had all previously worked together as a team but had never exhibited their work before last night.

The exhibition, which was sponsored by the Malta Arts Fund, features eight different shoots which include five guest designers: Elisha Camilleri, UglyLovely, Nadine Noko, Que and Ritienne Zammit. We loved the eclectic display of edgy and quirky infused with elements of design and comic books, which brought together different aesthetics into one seamless show.

Photo courtesy of the team

Photo courtesy of the team

Photo courtesy of the team

It was also a chance to catch up with one of my best friends, Michela, who stopped by to have a looksie before we went to the cinema. Give her a warm welcome to our blog!

Isn't she a sight for sore eyes?

Claire: Panelled top, linen waistcoat, jeans and bag by Zara | sandals by Asos
Sandro: Polka-dotted shirt by New Look | jeans by River Island | boots by Asos | jewellery by Asos | watch by Sekonda via Asos

We would like to extend our congratulations to the team behind C, who worked so hard to produce an amazing work of art! We would highly recommend visiting the exhibition which runs from the 6th of September to the 12th of October, so you have plenty of time and no excuses to pay a visit!

Over and out,

C & S