A Bridal Dream

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Let's talk cliches for a second.

It is a well-documented allegation that a woman's dream is to get married to a fabulous husband and live happily ever after. Call it hope, wishful thinking, Disney Syndrome – yet people nowadays roll their eyes at the very idea of a marital institution. For others, it symbolises a concretisation, or the sealing, of a promise made between two people who love each other.

And what does the conjugal fantasy essentially boil down to? The dress. The fairy-tale gown that makes the air sparkle and eyes well up. I'd hazard saying that a woman's ideal wedding dress is the ultimate personification of her character. Do you want simple and sophisticated, or flamboyant and impactful?

'An Evening With Vera Wang' managed to turn the blasé idea of bridalwear on its head, by presenting the audience with a dress that filled a brief they never knew they had. These two-week labours of love by New York designer Vera Wang delivered more than was expected. The designer's name itself attracted a host of women from all walks of life like moths who are attracted to the sound of wedding bells rather than light.

Camilleri Paris Mode Ltd, the host of this wonderful event (and also Claire's workplace, where she works as an architect and interior designer and was heavily involved in the preparations of the event – we're just so chuffed about her!) also had a surprise in store as they introduced two more awe-inspiring gowns by up-and-coming designer Tony Ward, who has been heralded as the new Elie Saab.

All that's left to do is sit back and feast your eyes on these wonderful wedding delights.

Vera Wang

Tony Ward

Dress by Asos | Necklace by Zara

Shoes by Zara 

Shirt and ear cuff by Asos | collar pin by River Island 

All Zara 

Sandals by Asos 

Dresses are available by appointment at Camilleri Paris Mode Ltd, Rabat.

Yours, in sickness and in health,