I've been spending most of my early mornings (6 o'clock is not my friend) trying to rustle up an outfit which is work-appropriate, summery and still true to my style. I've managed to get away with some things and as yet, I haven't had any complaints from anyone. Which is where the cheesy #fromwhereIstand Instagram photos come in, snuck in on my bus rides (yes, still a bus victim) to work, during break or on my way to a night-time event. Here's the lowdown for the past month or so.

Cue sexy montaaage.

1) My pride and joy (River Island)
2) Swiped my Dad's watch for the Skagen launch (trousers, River Island | watch, Skagen)
3) My first wedding with a plus-one guest! (blazer, H&M | shirt, Asos | collar pin, River Island)
4) Wedding details (same as before)
5) Wrist armour and new loafers (jeans, shoes, Zara | ring, River Island)
6) Say yes to the dress jeans (shirt, Zara | jeans, Asos | shoes, Converse)
7) Blindingly virginal (same as before)
8) I defy the bandwagon by not including a body of water (swim shorts, River Island via Asos)
9) Sexiest background ever (T-shirt, Topman | trousers, River Island)
10) Details of my Fashion for a Cause outfit (shirt and pin, Asos | blazer, H&M | pocket square, Next)
11) Blitz (trousers, Zara | shoes, Asos)
12) These are a few of my faaavourite jeans (from top: Asos, FSBN, Zara, H&M | trousers, River Island)

As soon as I sign this off I'm going to tweet River Island and tell them to give me a lifetime supply of gift vouchers for myself. I deserve it.

Have a great week! Let me know if you thought this was the shit or just plain shit. I swear I won't tear your hair out :)

San x

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