Bag it Up!

As a general rule, I'm not a big bag kind of person and more often than not, somehow magically manage to fit all the things I need to take out with me into a crossover or small side bag.

This tends to apply more for my casual outings rather than my everyday look so I've decided to put together a short post about all the things you'll be able to find in my bag, the interesting ones at least.

1 - Tan is my go to colour this summer. It's the perfect compliment to any outfit and is much better than boring old black! The studs and zips around the bag also add an interesting touch.
2 - Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned – I have to admit that me + lipstick = 2-year-old on her first day at preschool, given a crayon for the first time. Not a pretty sight. Luckily I discovered this beautiful magic crayon lip colour in the perfect shade and it's super easy to apply!
3 - Purse – Since I'm constantly changing bags I tend to opt for a smaller purse to fit my change in.
4 - Shiseido Compact Powder – The perfect trick for those quick after-work, 5 second touchups
5 - Body Shop Compact Mirror – Something that comes in handy
6 - Phone – <3
7 - I'm the type of person that needs to write dates and appointments down to remember them and using my phone just doesn't cut it. Thankfully Moleskine is the perfect solution – from jotting down notes, inspiration (albeit rare), or just your run-of-the-mill appointments or exciting events to look forward to!
8 - On the Road, Jack Kerouac – as the summer sets in a book is a must and I've decided to explore the Classic American Novels during the coming months. Perfect for those long hot days.
9 - Satin Zip Bag – Carrying round a big bag isn't the most ideal if you're looking for small bits and bobs such as headphones, coins, lip balms or keys, which somehow always manage to get lost in the abyss of your bag! Because of this I carry around this beautiful patterned zip bag, gifted to me by a dear friend, to make sure I don't look like I'm auditioning for the 21st century take on Mary Poppins!
10 - Sunglasses, Epos – Wearing contact lenses for most of my day, sunglasses are an absolute essential! I also believe they're the perfect accessory! I can't be happier with this great pair of sunglasses, purchased on a recent trip, that have the right combination of shape, colour and style!

I hope you've found this post interesting and I apologise for the lack of posts on my part but rest assured that many more will follow!

N x