White Nails

I'm in London this weekend and while it's sure to be rainy and cloudy there (or at least that's what the weatherman said), Malta's going through a bit of a heatwave. 

And with the summer heat, along come new beauty trends. Now, when it comes to makeup I must admit, I'm no pro – sticking to a routine of a touch of eyeliner and mascara, and blusher, always. When it comes to my nails, on the other hand, I'm always happy to try something new. This season, I've seen a comeback in natural-looking nails on the runway and magazines, as well as white nails.

 Cara Delevigne backstage and a runway shot from Rag & Bone's Spring 2013 show

The ever-so-stunning Kate Moss on British Vogue's June 2013 cover

A backstage shot at Kate Spade's Spring 2013 show

I've shied away from white nail polish in the past; it reminded me too much of girls in school painting their nails in corrector fluid (Tipp-ex to us common folk). However, all the images I've seen intrigued me and I just had to try it out. I'm happy with the result; it's such a clean and fresh look, perfect against sun-kissed skin!


Claire X