Sunday Circle: June Extras

Hopefully you've seen (and enjoyed) the latest issue of the Sunday Circle. Unfortunately, we couldn't stuff all of our favourite shots into the magazine so, as is becoming customary, we're going to show you some of the photos that didn't make the final cut!

Photos by Yentl Spiteri.

Sandro: Shirt and sweater by Mexx | Trousers by Guess
Claire: Blouse and trousers by Mexx
Nicole: Leather-panel T-shirt by Mangano | Jeans by Guess 

Sunglasses by Guess 

Derp and Derpina. 

 Claire: blouse and skirt by Mexx
Nicole: T-shirt by Mangano | Skirt by Guess
Sandro: Sweater and polo shirt by Mexx | Chinos by Guess

Sandro: Blazer by Gagliardi at Bortex | Denim vest by Mangano | T-shirt and chinos by Guess
Claire: Dress, worn as waistcoat, and belt by Mangano | Dress by Guess
Nicole: Shirt and bag by Mexx | Leather waistcoat and trousers by Mangano 

Hasta luego!