Summer Grunge

T-shirt, jeans and sunglasses, Topman | cap and boots, Asos

If there's anyone who's been giving me the judgemental stink eye for being so absent from the blog, it's myself. But now I'm back, with a renewed spirit of whatever it is I needed renewing.

You know how, sometimes, something in your brain goes click! (hopefully it does all the time, but I'm referring to a special kind of click! here) and suddenly you're filled with this inevitable, inescapable need to create something. In my case, I had an old pair of jeans which fit me well but I rarely wore because they were part of a uniform for an old job (yes, I was given skinny jeans… what do you know, eh?) and a pair of scissors. I was rifling through some photos on some random blog, but I remember being inspired for the first time by this post on Gala Gonzalez's blog (for those of you who don't know, she's a Spanish superblogger who's been present on the Interwebs since the inception of fashion blogging). If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen the work-in-progress shot (pictured below) as well as the final result, but here it is in outfit form. I had an idea to display the jeans incorporated into several different get-ups, but life happened. Maybe in the future!

Also, a little trivia about the T-shirt: yes, it does say "BAD LUCK" and yes, it does deliver sometimes. It's a T-shirt I bought in London in 2009 (still one of the best holidays of my life) and ever since I made the purchase, I've considered setting fire to it quite a few times. The curse has worn off (I guess it was part of the bargain, like Buy One T-shirt, Get One Bout of Bad Luck Free) but its culmination presented itself when I had to rewrite a University assignment in one hour, witnessed a van knocking over a police motorcycle in the middle of a busy road, with petrol flowing out of the latter's tank and onto the street, and subsequently catching the wrong bus because the driver decided it was a good idea to use an inverted 7 as a number 1 on his bus-number display thingamajig (back when we had the old bus service). All in one morning. OK, maybe I was the stupid one for not interpreting the number correctly, but I was still getting bombarded with flashes of the motor accident inside my head.

Jeans to be butchered, pencil (or chalk) to mark the placement of the slits, scissors to create said slits, tweezers to fray the edges.

Distressed denim has been around for a while, but it's made quite the comeback, and I feel it makes things less boring and more ventilated, too. Unfortunately they might have to get relegated to the night-time as time goes by, because "sweltering" does not even begin to describe the temperature in mid-August.

Another time I wore the jeans, this time with my new low-top Converse.

Skull ring, Asos | skull bracelet, River Island, via Asos | assorted bracelets, cuff and necklace

Cap, Asos

I fell in love with this cap as soon as I laid eyes on it. It reminds me of these Chanel boots, except the plate's gold-coloured. Also, it's damn heavy. Like, headache-inducing heavy.

Hope you've enjoyed my return. I know it's a bit of a far cry from my usual smart, blazer-wearing self, but I've been in a very grungy, monochrome-ish mood (courtesy of Harry Styles – you may laugh – and Camille Charrière, my new fashblogger crush).

Truckloads of kisses and rainbows and unicorns and screaming jelly babies,

San x