A Haul (A-Hole?)

WARNING: The quality of the photos has probably reached its lowest point. Rock bottom. Total crapfest. I'm sooooo sorryyyyyyy. Me no haz fancy camera or great interior design.

It's sale time! And summer! And yet those two things didn't correlate at all in my head when I made it rain all over River Island's bountiful titties! (Made it rain, as in spent money, not… other things.) I am still waiting for one more item to arrive – the one I'm most excited about, as it happens – as well as another booty call from Asos but, in the meantime, here's what I picked up in the Region of River Island in Cyber Retail Land.

Yes, I lied. I did get one summer item. It's a replacement for my previous straw topper, which got unceremoniously destroyed last year during a summer festival. Fun times!

White jacquard tuxedo. Before you ring the tackiness alarm, please consider this image of Bruno Mars. What's more, it's jacquard, which wasn't all that clear when I zoomed onto the image.

I like the idea of a typically summery print transferred onto winter outerwear. Instant boredom buster.

Yes, another bomber jacket. Look at the next picture and tell me if you wouldn't have fallen in love too.

I'm such a tough guy.

I'll probably post another haul (I have a love-hate relationship with the word) when the last item arrives together with the Asos stuff, which is a lot more accessories-oriented, so I'll skip the boring stuff.

See you never,

Sandro X