Sunday Circle: Extras & Behind The Scenes

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As you might have seen on our Facebook page as well as on the Sunday Circle that came out last Sunday, as it were, we had the opportunity and pleasure of featuring in a seven-page spread (together with an extra feature right after) in which we styled ourselves in three different Spring outfits each, using clothes by Harmont & Blaine, Massimo Dutti, Armani Jeans, Hilfiger Denim, Esprit, accessories from SunLab and shoes by ALDO. This is going to be a monthly feature so keep your eyes peeled every first Sunday of the month!

As promised, we are going to show you some extra photos that did not make it on the magazine as well as some behind-the-scenes shots. We would like to say thank you to the Sunday Circle as well as the outlets at the Point and Fratelli La Bufala, where we had a great meal, but also Colette, Claire's sister who helped us out during the shoot with all sorts of things. Merci bien !

Necklace by Pilgrim at SunLab.

Mint handbag by Armani Jeans, orange shoulder bag by Fossil at SunLab.

Sunglasses by Cavalli at SunLab, leather jacket and dress by Massimo Dutti.

Leather jacket and henley shirt by Massimo Dutti, ring/bracelet chain by ALDO,
necklace by Pilgrim at SunLab

Cavalli sunglasses at SunLab, palazzo pants by Harmont & Blaine, Nicole's own hat, leather jacket, henley shirt, necklace, ring/bracelet chain as above.

Sandro's shirt by Harmont & Blaine, sunglasses by Oakley at SunLab.

Jacket by Harmont & Blaine, silk top by Armani Jeans, white jeans by Esprit.

Paisley-print dress (worn as shirt) by Massimo Dutti, skirt by Esprit,
bag by Massimo Dutti, shoes by ALDO.

Studded flats by ALDO.

Printed shirt by Armani Jeans, white jeans by Massimo Dutti,
driving shoes by ALDO and bag by Harmont & Blaine.

Jacket by Armani Jeans, shirt and belt by Massimo Dutti, jeans by Hilfiger Denim, heels by ALDO;
Michael Kors watch, Converse sunglasses, Pilgrim ring and bracelet, all at SunLab.

Sweater by Massimo Dutti, shorts by Hilfiger Denim,
shoes by ALDO and Oakley sunglasses at SunLab.

Leather jacket and jeans by Massimo Dutti, polka dot shirt by Armani Jeans,
Oakley sunglasses and Michael Kors watch, both at SunLab.

Heeled sandals by ALDO.

Michael Kors watch at SunLab.

Shoes by ALDO.

Just in case you missed it, below you can find snapshots of the article!

Make sure you don't miss our next appearance on The Sunday Circle! The next issue is out on the 2nd of June with the Sunday Times of Malta.