New Designers Fashion Show

When the subject of the New Designers Show came up in conversation, we realised that we were both anticipating and dreading it.  Not knowing what you're going to encounter is both thrilling and nerve-wrecking, but it's a good mixture of emotions because it keeps you on your toes but also lends a slight sense of cynicism and distance.

However, we were pleasantly surprised with what we saw at the show held at the Xara Lodge in Rabat. The runway itself was spectacular, as were the Supernova Models walking down in the new designers' creations. We had the pleasure of viewing some old favourites, like Sef Farrugia with her Casa Azul collection, as well as relatively new ones like Ritienne Zammit, who showcased her second venture in design – we were in loooove! Check out our favourite looks and designers from yesterday's show. 

Samantha Muscat

GREMAR by Maria Grech

How beautiful does Sef look?

Creative Factory 7

Celeste & PavliStyle

Ritienne with her amazing work.

Let's play "Guess Who: Blogger Edition". (P.S. The top and skirt are her own creation!!)

Sandro wears blazer by Primark, T-shirt, trousers and mocassins by Zara.

Claire wears waistcoat and trousers by Zara, top from a boutique in London,
bag by Oasis and shoes by Asos.

Nicole wears top, skirt and heels by Zara and earrings by H&M.

Hello Bianca!

A big round of applause to all the designers for their hard work and creative vision!

The last show we're going to watch is the International Designers Show at the Auberge de Castille in Valletta, so expect coverage of the event soon!