Malta Fashion Awards (or what I wore last Saturday)

Photo taken by the lovely Brian Grech

So last Saturday I ended the wonderful week of fashion at the Malta Fashion Awards. I must say it was a bit of an anticlimax, what with my lovely blog-mates Sandro and Nicole escaping the island, and with the non-attention-grabbing atmosphere onstage. The runways in the previous week though were an absolute joy to attend on the whole! 

Vintage (taken from Mum's wardrobe) jacket | Zara skorts | Asos pumps | Zara bag

Thankfully though, I got to hang out with the beautiful and talented Bianca Darmanin of The Fashion Carousel blog fame. Check out the photo below: Bianca's top was made by, well, Bianca herself! And that very afternoon, might I add!! Well done girl… I must say she's definitely inspired me to try my hand at the sewing machine some day soon!!

Sorry for the blurred red carpet photos but lighting wasn't great that night and we were too late for an official red carpet photo. But thankfully Bianca snapped these pics using her trusty phone :) However, I will definitely upload some better photos of the jacket soon, as it really has some gorgeous details – thanks Mum!


C x