Makeover Takeover


As you can see, we've revamped our blog! We thought we needed a fresher, less cumbersome but more professional look and so, welcome to The Clouded Revolution 3.0! (Yes, there was a 1.0 too, but that didn't last very long...)

Read on to find out more about the features we have introduced or updated.


We decided to do away with the pattern and go for a whiter palette, which could also work well when combining the website layout to other platforms. More on that later.


We wanted something people could remember but which reflected our aesthetic and vision. Since we've also got a pretty long name, we needed to condense the space while retaining the essence of the name.


On the right-hand side of the site, you can see that we've done away with the list of links and introduced cute little icons that will take you to our Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin' page as well as our individual social networks.
Yes, we now have a Twitter account over at! Make sure to follow us! The Blogspost icon will take you to our individual posts, which you can also access throughâ€Ļ


The wonderful Anastasia Zhukova at Apriori Photo Studio took this photo of us during the New Designers Fashion Show (yes, we've used it as our cover photo on our Facebook page, but how couldn't we?!). She has kindly given us permission to use it as our banner too. If you click on our faces, you will be taken to our respective individual posts, and if you click on the dress, you will be taken to Anastasia's website! Neat stuff, huh?

Before we continue to the other features, we wanted to introduce Anastasia to everyone. We met Anastasia during the Malta Fashion Week 2013, where she took the abovementioned photo. Apart from being a talented photographer who also creates some awesome Cinemagraphs, she is a very sweet and friendly person, so meeting her was an absolute pleasure!

Visit her page at to see more of her animated Cinemagraphs and photos.


We've done away with the Facebook and Bloglovin' links on top of the page, since you can now find them on the right, and we've introduced the Press page, where you can find any press features in which we've been mentioned or featured – especially for those who live abroad and would like to see what we've been doing outside of the Internet.

Any feedback you might have about the new look is obviously welcome, but it's safe to say that this layout is here to stay! We are in love!

Enjoy the new site!