Let's Talk About Hair

Disclaimer 1: I took these photos with my iPhone. Don't judge. I could have not taken photos so… yeah…
Disclaimer 2: I am not a selfie whore. This is purely for demonstrational purposes.
Disclaimer 3: I was not paid or sponsored for this feature. I did it of my own free will because I was extremely happy with the service and result.

Good morning, class. Today's topic is hair, i.e. those precious strands sitting atop of your head. Seeing as it's Fashion Week this week I decided I needed a very desperate update in the northern regions of my anatomy (my hair, not my face, thanks very much). Two of my friends suggested going to Village Gossip in Mosta, which I agreed to because I always compliment them on their hairstyles.

I am in seventh heaven.

The place is well-decorated, the staff super-friendly and the result is perfect. A MASSIVE shout-out to Kyle, who took care of my hair – he is mega talented, light-handed yet meticulous, and also a great conversationalist. Thank you!

The result. I basically feel like a new man.

With Kyle. 

That's enough of my face for one post. If you want to have a look around their website or book an appointment go to www.vgsalon.com as well as their Facebook page.

Adios amigos,

Sandro x