The One with the Glass of Water

Things are just so exciting right now! We know, we're always so hush-hush about everything, but at the end we always deliver and this time, we'll be delivering big time! Just a little note: the orange glow in the photos isn't us trying to get a fake tan; it's the sunlight bouncing off of the fluorescent chairs we were sitting on – although it does give the impression that we'd hit the sunbeds.

Cue onslaught of artsy images!

T-shirt by Boohoo.

Shirt by Cheap Monday.

Hat by Aldo, earrings from Urban Outfitters.

Trousers by H&M.

Watch by Vivienne Westwood.

A sneak preview of our top secret mission!

Our stick-thin model.

That is all for now. Keep your eyes peeled for more news! We're going to be really busy this month, so we'll be updating our Facebook page with all the latest from our end.

Over and out,