Recent Purchases


Just wanted to update you on some items I've recently bought online and in store. You won't be seeing my face in this post (yes, you may sigh in relief). I apologise in advance for the quality of the photos – I'm a s**t photographer.



Two, quite similar jackets: the left one is from Zara and features faux leather sleeves. The one on the right is from Boohoo (I got the wrong colour – go me! – but I decided to keep this one, partly because returning it would be too expensive...).


Another jacket I bought on sale, this time from River Island. I bought it because a) I needed a warmer, casual black jacket and b) my faux leather jacket is falling to pieces. Like this, I got the best of both worlds, because the sleeves are faux leather and the jacket itself is warm. It's more of a parka, really. The T-shirt is also from River Island, and quite similar to other styles I've seen done by other brands. I've toyed with the idea of owning this kind of faded floral T-shirt for some time, but was never brave enough to buy one. Thank god for sales.


Both of these T-shirts are from Zara and feature a star motif, inspired by Givenchy. You can find them here and here.


Last but not least, two all-over-print T-shirts. The Zara one is covered in paisley, which is usually too out there for me, but I'd say the colours complement my skin tone quite well. The Boohoo T-shirt on the right is pretty ditzy. I already own a shirt and a sweater covered in spots, so this should probably be my last purchase in the dot department.

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Sandro x