On the Edge of Something New

Three uncivilised monkeys visit the real world.

Since we hadn’t met in quite a while, what with Claire whisking herself to Turin, Nicole being busy being awesome, and Sandro trying to find the exit to the labyrinth of his mind, as well as having some exciting, soon-to-share news to celebrate, we came up with the idea of going to lunch by the Dingli Cliffs at a restaurant called… wait for it… The Cliffs. We had also decided to visit Claire’s workplace before heading to lunch.

There are some things you need to know about us:
a) “Punctuality” is not our middle name, unless it concerns work. Our leisure-time management is severely clouded (see what we did there?).
b) We do not deal well with heatwaves.
c) Bees hate us.

While some plans were hashed, others were hatched.  As we gently baked under the scorching sun, we had a chinwag about life, work, our projects, and more, right up until the point when a bee decided to annoy the living daylights out of us. Morale of the story: bees are persistent, and attempting to trap them under a drinking glass is not for the faint of heart.

And now, we continue with our regularly scheduled programming.

Sandro is wearing jacket and T-shirt (seen below) by Zara, trousers by Berskha, shoes by H&M, sunglasses by Topman and vintage watch. Smiles are free.

Our relationship in a nutshell.

Claire is wearing Asos spike tee, Zara shirt worn around waist, New Look skinny jeans, Kurt Geiger brogues.

Nicole is wearing all Zara. 

She just doesn't take "No" for an answer.

We bid you farewell with these three images taken from our personally-curated Wall of Shame.

Mucho amor,