New Accessory Trend

We've all woken up at least once in our life feeling like total s**t. The whole bad-hair-day and face-meets-ton-of-bricks situation which is guaranteed to make waking up on the wrong side of our beds the least of our problems.

Thankfully, the fashion gods have provided us with the greatest accessory of all time for Spring/Summer 2013. And I have jumped on the bandwagon quicker than you could say "Chanel No. 5".

The One Direction Mask.

Zayn Malik mask from Ebay.
I would dare say that this is the best fashion invention since the bowler hat. It's inexpensive, hides all your blemishes and accomodates your desire to change your looks without resorting to Botox or even hair dyes. I decided to wear this on a night out and drag my friends along for the ride. Needless to say, they told me they would be stocking up on 1D masks for clubbing nights. Instant hit with the ladies.

Pairing the 1D mask trend with the returning plaid trend and nautical stripes, always in vogue for Summer.

For those of you feeling a bit less adventurous, the Simon Cowell mask is the accessory for you.

One Direction Masks – rad. Butcher costume – bad.

For maximum effect, pair your 1D mask with the rest of the band members. But remember, wearing the accessory alone won't be enough. Make an effort with the rest of your outfit too! Colour coordination is key!

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Have a great week,
Sandro X