Lazy Hazy Sundays…

I don't have one particular style that I regularly abide by, but if I had to define my look it would definitely lean more to the casual side of the spectrum.

Having to stick to a certain dress code because of work means I get to appreciate laid-back clothing more and this allows me to experiment when choosing my outfits during the weekend.

This weather is kind of tricky and as tempted as I am to overhaul my wardrobe and bring out the shorts, tank tops, rompers and sundresses, my blinding white skin serves as a reality check that it's not summer quite yet.

This Sunday I spent a few hours in the sun reading a good book, which is what Sundays are exactly about, and the below is a quick look at what I wore!

Tshirt – H&M, Chinos – Zara, Trainers – Converse