On to a more serious post than last time's (in case you didn't get it, check the date). We're really excited to tell you about the secret project, mentioned by Sandro in a previous post, that we worked on with Stephanie Galea.


We still cannot reveal the full details but we can definitely show you the results! As you may or may not know, apart from blogging on this here site, we've also styled shoots for independent student magazines and styling is still our main dream. Stephanie kindly asked us to style a shoot for something she is currently working on, and we decided to call on Luke Azzopardi, the amazing designer behind Naupaca Dance Factory's ballet productions The Death of Snow White and Alice's Adventures Underground to clothe our muses.

There are plenty more photos on Stephanie's website, featuring Madeleine and Estelle. Later on, we'll be posting some behind-the-scenes photos to show you what goes on behind the lens.

Styling is where we feel most in our element – and we hope this is reflected in our work. Also, a MASSIVE thanks to Luke, Steph, Madeleine and Estelle, who were all wonderful to work with!



Clothes by Luke Azzopardi
Photography by Stephanie Galea
Hair by The Clouded Revolution
Makeup by Stephanie and The Clouded Revolution
Styling by yours truly