New Silhouette

So, I'm back. While I sort through the Venice pics, thought I'd post about the first 2013 outfit I wore back in Malta yesterday. Sometimes I feel like I put myself into a fashion rut, sticking to my comfort zone in skinny jeans, shirt/sweater, chelsea boots combo. So I decided to go for a different silhouette this time around. 

This all started when, still blurry eyed and weary from travel, I came across a pair of vintage leather knee high boots in my mum's wardrobe. Thanks Mum! I love shopping in her wardrobe, she's got some of the best classic pieces and best of all they're completely free!

H&M contrast leather bomber and necklace, Zara bag,wool tee and sunnies, Asos dress
Layering is such a wonderful cure to one-dimensional pieces. I rarely buy dresses because I find them a little too same-y in the sense that, apart from changing your jewellery, the dress will always look the same when worn. So when I do buy a dress I always picture different ways of wearing it beforehand. In this case, by adding this t-shirt and cinching it loosely at the waist, my dress has been transformed into a skirt while adding an interesting pop of colour and pattern at the neckline and sleeves of the tee!

Claire x