By The Skin Of Your Teeth

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that our wardrobes can be our best friends and our worst enemies. I cannot count the number of times I've opened my wardrobe and stared at its contents, waiting for the outfit to magically jump out into my open arms.

There are things to consider, of course. The weather, the occasion, the company – all the little factors that make us reach for our sweaters rather than our shirts (or vice versa).

The outfit I'm presenting here is a variation on the same theme, in that I've been wearing the same jacket while switching between different sweaters, trousers and, sometimes, shoes (rain? no rain? anyone?) for quite a while now. The fur lining on the collar doubles as a scarf, so popping the collar means I can shelter my neck from the cold and wind.

The teeth necklace is quite an old purchase but I managed to get it fixed (a night out in Malta does strange things to your clothes), so I'm re-introducing it into my outfits. The sweater and watch were a birthday present from my friends, while the friendship bracelet was given to me by Nicole for Christmas. I love them all to bits.

Off to bake my first-ever cake... wish me luck!

Sweater, trousers and socks by Topman, jacket by Zara, boots by New Look,
necklace by Asos, watch by Fossil.


Sandro X