Sporty Spice

adidas originals track joggers red stripe.jpg

Vest, slides, sunglasses and necklace by ASOS
Track bottoms by Adidas Originals via ASOS

I realise how divisive and primarily sloppy this outfit might be. Style blogs are expected to be the epitome of polished perfection and high fashion, all day, everyday. The reality is that sometimes you want to wind down and be (or look) effortless; other times, your personal sources of inspiration go against the suit-and-tie grain [insert gun-to-head emojis here]. I've worn a variation of this look to a free concert and was told I looked Romanian. Fair enough. All I know and care to admit is that it's comfortable, it's casual, and it's me. Moreover I wanted to give myself the challenge of trying to take the inherent sportiness of the bottoms out of the equation. This is where Alexandre Mattiussi came to the rescue. Thanks pal!

Also, there must be something in my iPhone lens as I keep getting this blurry corner in all of my photos. We'll stick it out until the next Apple Keynote.