Pink Fashion Show 2015

Dress by ASOS
Shoes by Park Lane via ASOS
Blazer by Zara
Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Sleeveless shirt by ASOS
Mesh vest by Reclaimed Vintage
Biker vest by Zara
Drop crotch trousers by ASOS
Shoes by ASOS

Another year, another Pink Magazine Fashion Show. The 2015 edition came with a few special guests: horrible flashbacks of our secondary-school days spent wondering why sports were invented and not time travel, so we could go back in time to murder whoever it was that decided that pitching hormonal assholes against each other in physical competition was a brilliant idea.

No resentment here!

The feeling of those dratted rubber flakes lodged inside our shoes, pressing into the soles of our feet (the footwear is clearly to blame, but that is not the point) contributed to a resurfacing sense of inadequacy which thankfully abated with the help of some Ciskโ€ฆ and Campariโ€ฆ and wineโ€ฆ Speaking of which, there's a shot of us in a video published by the Times of Malta which shows us clinking glasses of said lager together. We just want to point out that despite appearances, alcohol is not our secret fourth member. We're friends, not lovers. We do like to be of sound and present mind in social situations. We have not taken the Lindsay Lohan train to Booze Town, and that day will most definitely never be upon us.

We're off now. Time to take the vodka out of the freezer.

We're kidding.

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