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In collaboration with Malta International Airport

The first in a series of features for the Malta International Airport Shopping Magazine, exploring the clothing stores in the Departures lounge. Full article and additional photos below:

Riddle me this: is ‘airport style’ really a thing? Do those two words actually deserve to sit side-by-side to describe something that, in essence, is primarily the domain of celebrities being mobbed by the paps? Do we have to sacrifice comfort for style? Do we put our sweatpants on and leave our dignity behind?

Relax! We’re here to tell you that, yes, ‘airport style’ is indeed a Thing, with a capital T. The wonderful thing about both fashion and airports is that they welcome people from all walks of life – from the businessman to the layman; from trophy wives to trophy winners. And what better way to fuse the best of both worlds (Miley Cyrus-style) than to have shopping outlets in departure lounges? At the Malta International Airport, where we ran amok to try on some of the more covetable items in stock, you’re guaranteed to find the best in travel wear: seriously soft Hard Rock T-shirts, versatile Hugo Boss jackets, cool and comfortable Guess dresses and jackets, and Swarovski jewellery to embellish your standard airplane outfits. (Make sure to get them cleared at airport security first; if you get into trouble, we’re not taking the blame!)

Oh, and in case you end up buying way more clothes than you brought with you in the first place, you’ve got a friend on wheels in your new Samsonite suitcase. What’s a holiday without a little shopping, right?

If only the paparazzi would leave us alone…