A Baby and a Businesswoman Go to the Beach

Photos by Stephanie Galea

Shirt by Zara
Trousers by Calvin Klein
Loafers by Zara
Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Top by ASOS
Dungarees by Zara
Stan Smith sneakers by Adidas Originals

The title may sound like the start of a joke; thankfully there is no punchline and if there were, it would be a bad one.

This was taken in between watching some friends work their magic and working on our projects. Let's face it: when you have a photographer at hand, and decent outfits to document, the mathematics is pretty elementary. The subtext is amusing too: one of us is deeply immersed in the world of business; the other, albeit employed, is potentially repressing some Freudian tendencies we shall not dare explore.

Instead enjoy the view of our unique Maltese landscape. Treat yo eyeballs.

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