#MFWA2015 Day 4

Amongst the barrage of Malta Fashion Week posts currently flooding your newsfeeds, we bring you our personal favourites from the shows we are attending throughout the week. First off, Day 4 featuring the designers we liked most below.


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Aptly titled Ropes & Dots, Julia Boikova's Spring/Summer collection is heavy on digital prints of, um, ropes and dots. A modern take on the vintage scarf print, the colourful designs are given a youthful silhouette of crop tops, mini dresses and kimonos.


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Oh, how our hearts sing songs of exultation! It is worth noting, first and foremost, that collections aimed primarily at men are rare on this island and, like a precious stone, equally as valuable in this case. A neck-breaking 180ยบ turn from his usual black to blinding white, not only did Marco paint tattoo-inspired sparrows and his trademark 'Skandlu' (across the chest and the gluteus maximus โ€“ hooray!) across his new canvas; he also tore it to pieces and rebuilt it anew. Standout items, in fact, were the patchwork denim creations (top, shorts and drawstring bags). One of each, please!

We'll be returning soon with our reviews of the Sarto Garden Runway and the International Designers Show. Until then, hasta luego!