They Call It The Blues

They Call It The Blues
Photographed by Sloan Laurits
Styled by Christina Sulpizio

When I was younger, more naïve and far less experienced, I had a particular distate for blue tops paired with jeans of a similar hue. The idea of chromatic like-for-like used to send shivers down my spine. Now I live-for-live for it.

This cyclical, hate-to-love pattern is quite a regular occurrence (listing Birks, pointy-toed shoes, sneakers and raw denim with orange seams amongst its highest contenders). Now I'm all about the Canadian tuxedo, the Blues Brothers, the Denim and the Deep Blue Sea. The above editorial, fresh off the CR Fashion Book site, is a fine example of sartorially elevating the American Dream of all materials to oxygen-reduced levels of high fashion. Not the first instance, either. And while layering trousers (yep!) is as far removed from practicality as heel-less platform shoes (looking at you, Ms Guinness), it does beckon the question: "How well do we really know our denim?"