Always Take The Weather With You

Cardigan by Topshop
Jeans by Levi's (vintage)
Top by Calvin Klein
Shoes by ALDO
Bag by ASOS
Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Leather jacket by Mango
Jumper by Zara
Jeans by ASOS
Boots by Dr Martens
Bag by Zara
Belt by ASOS
Necklace by River Island

Coat by Zara
Denim jacket by H&M
T-shirt by ASOS
Jeans by ASOS
Shoes by ASOS
Sunglasses by ASOS

CALL ASH KETCHUM! A rare Joint Post has appeared!

There's something wonderfully magical about photography and the secrets it can either convey or hide. For example, we were all harbouring (very welcome) food babies, thanks to an amazing Saturday lunch at an Italian restaurant. Not to mention, we were all in a very different but equally unique state of mind – an interesting mixture of hungover, tired and excited. Saddest of all, we were bidding adieu to Claire, who is currently on holiday in the Maldives (she might regale us with enough photos to awaken the jealousy monster inside all of us, but if she doesn't, we'll be hearing all the great stories and you'll be left to wonder – muhaha!).

Can you even surmise any of this through the photos, though? We bet you can't.

Ultimately, we were all just elated to see each other after a long, unwarranted while. There was love aplenty, and some great style too, which you can peruse at your leisure.