What Kind of Man


Where do I begin?


Jacket and beanie by ASOS
Jumper by H&M
Jeans by River Island
Trainers by Adidas Originals


Above: Brühl, home of the Max Ernst Museum, where we visited the World of Tim Burton exhibition
Right: Kölner Dom


Jacket and bandana by ASOS
Sweatshirt by Calvin Klein Jeans
Jeans by River Island
Boots by Dr Martens

florence machine mitsubishi electric halle dusseldorf

Florence + The Machine is my ultimate music icon. Everything she does is important to me. The biggest embarrassment of my life, up until last week, was that I had never watched her play live. Thankfully, some regrets can be undone, which is why I flew to Cologne (or Köln to the locals) to watch her play at the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE in Düsseldorf. 

Long story short, my friend Luke and I watched her sing and fly, she touched us, I threw my shirt at her and she swung it around on stage and my life was made and I was left speechless. To anyone else, it might have looked like I was unfazed by the show. I think I still haven't processed the experience completely. I'm expecting heavy rains in the form of incessant tears in the near future.


Coat, jeans, T-shirt, necklaces & beanie by ASOS
Trainers by Adidas Originals
Scarf by River Island

Jacket by ASOS
Roll neck T-shirt by Weekday

Necklace by Layered & Long


Coat by ZARA
Jeans by River Island
Hat and boots by ASOS


I need to give a special shoutout to my friend Luke. Luke is a very smart and accomplished man who is close to finishing his PhD in Cologne. Not only was he a great companion as well as my photographer and interpreter (my German is Scheiße); he was also the most caring and amazing host and tour guide, whose infinite patience should be registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Thank you my dear Paloma Sister! We have both been blessed by Florence, goddess on Earth, and nobody can take that away from us.

luke galea bruhl

1–3: Kölner Dom
4–7: Outfit details
8: The Christmas market in Rudolfplatz
9–12: Compulsory food shots
13: Schildergasse
14–18: Museum Ludwig