The Saz Mifsud Diaries: Outfit 3

In the last of the Saz Mifsud posts we're looking at making dresses, belts AND pants using the larger sized scarves! I'm wearing a black body con, yep the style I swear I'd never wear (and constantly rally against)!! Well, apologies in advance but it was the closest I could get to being in my skivvies, without losing my dignity!

SO here goes.. I hope you've enjoyed this series of posts as much as we have! And don't forget to head over to for more!

The Halter Dress

Super easy, and similar in concept to \the halter' top in the first of these posts. Drape the scarf along your back (using the longer length) and bring to the front. Cross the two ends over and tie behind your neck. Slip on a belt to cinch your waist and finish the look off! 

The Sari

Start at the halter look but skip tying the knot at the back of your neck. Instead bring the front ends to tie above your shoulder. You've got yourself a beautifully flowing boho look!

The Elegant One

This look takes a little more knotting, but that doesn't make it any harder to recreate! This time start with the scarf in front of you holding it by it's shorter end. Tie both ends behind your neck to start. Grab the scarf halfway (approximately at hip height) and knot above your right hipbone. Dress up with some heels and this dress is bound to work for smarter occasions to!

The Waist-Belt

Fold your scarf in half (just make sure it's still quite wide) and wrap around your waist, finishing off with a knot at the front. You can either stop here, or o for a prettier option by tying a soft bow at the front. The perfect accessory to accompany any plain dress!

The Harem Pants

This is such a fun look to wear! Super comfortable and still chic thanks to the beautiful print. Once again start by draping the scarf shorter side up. Tie both ends at the base of your back. Grab the two free ends at your feet and pull the scarf through your legs and up to the bas of your back. Still holding the needs in your hands, bring to the front of your waist and knot here....and of you go!

The Turban

Other than offering an interesting change to your usual hairstyle, this one is a god-send when it comes to bad hair days. It was my particular favorite when I was growing my hair out after sporting a boy cut for a couple of years. For this you need the square scarf variety. Start by folding your scarf into a triangle, position the edge along the nape of your neck, while covering your head with the rest of the scarf. Tie a knot at the top of your head using the two ends of the scarf in your hands and bring whats left to the back of your neck and twist one end over the other here. Once again bring what the loose ends to the front and tie and tuck till any leftover ends disappear... et voila! 

Once again, thanks Saz for being so inspiring! It's always fun working with you.