The Pink Fashion Show

As the last days of Spring slowly trickle away under the heat of the June sun, with hemlines rising, skin turning brown and drinks getting colder, the last thing you'd think to attend is a fashion show. But that we did and Lord knows it paid off. Amidst idle chit chat, heady drinks and talk of Sandro looking like Jesus (blessed be the sartorially doubting), we sat in peaceful silence as different brands sent models flip-flopping their way down the paved runway, around the fountain and back behind the Pink sign written in flowers.

If The Secret Garden met Gossip Girl, this would be it.

Nicole wears Top, Trousers by Zara, Bag by Max&CO, Shoes by ASOS, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Sandro wears shirt by Yang Li and sandals by Marsรจll, both via, trousers by ASOS

Claire wears shirt by Zara, trousers by Hidden Forest, necklace by Saks Fifth Avenue, shoes from Turin, bag (in background) by Coccinelle