#MFWA2014: International Designers Show

The final evening of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta rolled (or rather, blew) in before you could say "Where's my clutch bag?". While guests had been regaled with a smattering of foreign offerings in the run-up to the International Designers Show, Friday slammed the doors wide open to five designers from four different parts of the world for our viewing pleasure. It's always wonderful to see the various references and approaches to design that these creators from beyond our shores use and take in constructing their looks.

The runway looks above are by Danijela BozicSally BawaJean Paul BenielliJoan Isioma Okorodudu and Judy R. Clark, respectively.

That evening happened to be windier than a grandma after a dinner of baked beans, so if you think our hair's all over the place in our outfit photos, congratulations on your observation skills.

Leather jacket and skirt by Mango, crop top and shoes by Asosstone necklace, chain bracelet and pearl ring by MVintage

Blazer and boots by Asos, shirt by Zara, jeans by River Island, gold rings, cage ring and horn necklace by MVintage