The Three Mouseketeers

claire nicole

When plans to go to the beach go tits up because the Powers That Be decide to inflict bad weather on the one day you can get some respite, you foil their despicable plot. Classic case of lemon begets lemonade. First off, spending some quality time together outside of this endeavour is imperative for us to keep our hands safely away from each other's throat. Second of all, we didn't want to let these outfits go to waste.

So, here's to our unconsciously matching, pattern-themed garments (#throwback), to defying the weather gods and to pulling unseemly poses and unsightly faces in full public view.

Also, one of us was hungover/still drunk. Feel free to take a guess in the comments below.

Nicole wears T-shirt by Mango, jeans and jacket by Zara, shoes by Superga

Claire wears shirt by H&M, culottes by Zara, sliders by Asos, necklace by Saks Fifth Avenue, bag from market in Paris

Shirt by H&M, jeans by River Island, boots by Asos