TCR x Bay Street: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Unless you live under a rock, or wedged between two boulders à la James Franco in 127 Hours, you should know that Mother's Day is this Sunday. You might have been busy all week, and that's OK, or you might have completely forgotten, which is less OK. (The shaaaaaame.)

This is where we come in: your saving grace, your knights in shining armour, your inflatable lifejackets, your— you get it. We've taken it upon ourselves to go round Bay Street in St Julians to source various gift ideas for every type of mother out there: classy, sporty, funky, jetsetter. You name it, it's in the slideshow below. Is your mother a yogi-in-training? Leggings and T-shirt up for grabs. Perhaps she fancies herself a sailing aficionado. A breeze-catching scarf would not go amiss. Looking for some Anna Wintour-worthy sunnies on a budget? We've got two pairs we'd like you to consider.

You're welcome.

And don't forget that you can grab yourself 10% off items at select stores during the month of May at Bay Street. So get shopping – mama needs a handbag y'all.

Wishing all mothers out there – especially our very own – a wonderful Mother's Day. We are forever indebted to you and your undying dedication!

Lots and lots of love,