TCR x Bay Street: Changing Room Selfies

There's only one thing better than window shopping: trying on clothes. We're envisioning a scenario which does not factor in money. We know, not so deep down, that dropping cash on mass-produced body coverups is the ultimate in therapy. But we digress.

When you're up for it, visiting the dressing rooms is capital F-U-N. But when you're not, may God smite the man who dictates otherwise. If you form part of the latter school of thought, we've done you a solid by taking on the laborious task of changing into a selection of spring- and summer-appropriate looks for your consideration. Don't mention it. No, really, it's nothing. As if, please. Yes, yes we are awesome. OK, that's enough.

Also, we know the following photos aren't really selfies, but we like to ride a wave until it runs dry.

The eight outlets featured below can be found at Bay Street Shopping Complex and remember: you can bag yourselves a 10% discount at select stores as part of Fashion Month!

Until next time,