It seems like the rise in temperature and our workload are directly proportional to each other. Our Clouded Revolution calendar thrives mostly around the month of May, before giving way to the lull of the summer months. And so it was that, while working on one of our projects for the month, we made a dutiful stop to document our chosen disguises for the day.

P.S. We seem to have established some sort of subconscious telepathic connection, as witnessed by the canvas white shoe (Claire and Sandro) and printed cropped trouser (Nicole and Sandro) memos we'd unintentionally passed on to each other. Reciprocating style cues may sound cute, but we live in fear of it escalating into mimicry. And then it's Hunger Games: Fashion Edition for the three of us.

May the odds be ever in our favour.

Crop top by Zara, Dungarees by Topshop, Canvas boots by Asos, Tote by New Look

Jacket by Mango, Trousers by Celia Birtwell x Uniqlo, Top by Zara, Slides by Asos, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

sandro breton print

Breton top by Dr Denim, printed cropped trousers and sunglasses by Asos, trainers by Converse (all via Asos), wishbone necklace via etsy and long necklace by Skool ov Jenius by LoveBullets