Sarto Garden Runway

dolce gabbana finale

To borrow from Terry Pratchett's bibliography: "Million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten". The probability of seeing straight-off-the-runway looks from three of the world's biggest labels was as slim as the legs on the Saint Laurent models, before SARTO came to the rescue with its to-die-for runway-slash-lunch event at the Prime Minister's Summer Residence.

Picture this: a beautiful stretch of turf, with round tables perfectly arranged in a U-formation, following which a path is cleared for the international models invited specially for the show, while tucked away to the side, a miniature Midsummer Night's Dream scenography replete with mirrors, chandeliers and flower-adorned swings swaying under the sylvan shade.

Centered around the traditional Sicilian wedding, the SARTO Garden Runway was the perfect meld of good food, great company and wonderful fashion. A notable and welcome element was the inclusion of international models walking alongside local talent, which will hopefully serve as the first step to a more globally-inclusive industry within our shores.

There's only so much we can put into words, so take a gander at the runway looks and see the magic for yourselves. Outfit photos are further below.



Diaphanous and bohemian are key elements here, punctuated by a selection of brightly-coloured formal and eveningwear. The fluidity of the garments lends itself to an easygoing and elegant aesthetic. Lovers of print and fuss-free pieces, this is for you.

Emporio Armani

Spring/Summer 2014 is dedicated to the no-nonsense man who favours structure and minimalism when building his wardrobe. Beiges and blues, typically nautical colours, are revisited in casual, everyday pieces for the popular homme du jour.

Dolce & Gabbana

Ah, to be a fly on the walls of the Ancient Greek temples. Instead, we have to settle on wearing them on our person. The demure silhouettes, evocative of mourning widows swathed in lace and black veils, are taken out of their funereal context and revived via photographic prints, ditzy polka dots and mythological motifs, not to mention the almond tree flowers decorating both the clothes and the hair. The man, on the other hand, becomes the very embodiment of the gods emblazoned on his clothes. Consider changing your name to Zeus for the summer. Mount Olympus is the limit.

And now… after seeing the models (poor you, the trauma, such torture)… the moment you've all been waiting for… OUR OUTFITS!

Dress and necklace by Zara, shoes by Reed Krakoff, bag by Asos, sunglasses by Ray Ban

Dress by Mango, sandals by Zara, bag by Coccinelle, sunglasses by Ray Ban

Tuxedo blazer by River Island, T-shirt, cropped trousers, slippers and sunglasses by Asos