Oh baby it's (still) cold outside

While teasing us with bursts of quasi-heatwave weather, it's still a little chilly outside every other day. I try to embrace this fact by making the most of my rarely used summer coats/jackets, a concept of clothing that was definitely not thought up in a country climatically similar to ours. One such item, which sadly sees the light of day mostly 3 (if even) times a year for this very reason and no other, is my cape disguised as a trench which I bought a total of 4.5 years ago from Public Beware in London's Brick Lane area (which according to Yelp is now closed!!). I like to wear simple basics and throw it over everything, I just feel it gives enough character to an outfit, non?

Cape by Public Beware, shirt by H&M, jeans by New Look, vintage leather bag and shoes, sunglasses by RayBan, earrings by Asos

C x