Mother's Day

Dear Clouded Mummies,

We have decided, against your possible disapproval, to show the world how stylish you were (and still are) through some priceless vintage photos we've extracted from our family archives. On some sort of genetic level, we owe our love of clothes to you, so in honour of your inspiring selves, here is a tribute to the multitasking ladies who have carried us from our cots to where we are today.

claire mum


"When I think of you Ma, this image comes to mind. Although you were a couple of years younger than I am now, you oozed an aura of grace that beguiled your years. You will always be the most elegant woman I have ever met, and well, you can't really help it. Your enigmatic smile and your uncanny knack for accessorizing (cue that wonderful scarf wrapped around your head and those seventies platforms) add the finishing touch to your already wonderful wardrobe.
Thank you for being the greatest role model and my favourite go-to fashion icon. I love you to bits and pieces x"

Nicole mum.JPG


"The clear look of concentration on my mother's face is the first thing that struck me about this photo. Mostly because I believe it is reminiscent of my own, unlike the graceful pose, striking cheekbones and elegant walk which have not been passed down through the gene pool much to my annoyance.
I'd have to say that I owe my obsession, passion and love for fashion to my mother who introduced me to this world at a very young age. I also owe it to her for allowing me to develop my style and letting me have my say from the moment I started forming my own opinions. Fashion is a love we still share today and it's a special trait that allows us to spend lazy Sunday mornings in bed poring over the latest issues of Vogue as well as fighting over who will be the one to buy the same item we like whilst online shopping. My mother's opinion is the one that matters above all and 'til this day I thank her for her honesty, undying love as well as great contribution to my wardrobe ;)"

sandro mum


"I fell in love with this photo right away. Back when my brother and I were not yet part of the Rizzo equation, my parents flew to London on holiday. Even in those days, you could see that the capital was nothing like home. The reason I chose this picture in particular is because it captures a multitude of feelings: the sense of wonderment as the world revolves around the solitary lady in red; the dichotomy between the timelessness of London and the bygone nature of the image. But most of all, amid the hustle and bustle of the city, the photographer had eyes for one thing and one thing only: the lady in red. My mother.
   Despite having her back to the lens, her scarlet figure far away from the camera, you could tell she blew some serious style punches in her monochromatic, jacket-over-shoulders coup de grรขce. I could have chosen a myriad of photos with clearer views of her get-ups, but the essence of this photo could not be ignored.
there's a lot I could be thanking you for, and that's between the two of us, but in the spirit of this here blog, I'll say this: thank you for not making me a girl. I mean, seriously โ€“ bequeathing your best items to Claire and Nicole, while I have to play merchant to your warehouse. Hashtag unfair."

To all mothers across the globe, whose commitment to raising their brood is worth more than just a day's celebration, happy Mother's Day. Make the most of it. And to our ownโ€ฆ

We love you from the bottom of our hearts,