#MFWA2014: Gagliardi Fashion Show

Gagliardi fashion show finale

Hosting a fashion show at the National Library is guaranteed to succeed. In a sea of precious, yellowing books and ancient portraits, under the high ceiling and the hot-white lights, one question beggared an answer: "Who is the Gagliardi man?" And what better place to discover the truth than a library, really?

We came to the conclusion that he who wears Gagliardi is a sophisticated, classy man who dabbles both in preppiness and careful affectation, to whom tailoring is key but standing out is just as important. The looks, split into Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter with a break for drinks sandwiched in between, ranged from classic chinos-and-shirt ensembles to sharp-as-knives suits in linear cuts and deep colours mixed with some great pinstripes and windowpane checks. After all, you don't survive 50 years in the business without finding the right balance between demand and originality.

Bortex, thumbs up as always.