Summer Whites and Grey Days

 Above: bag by  Coccinelle , Below: blazer by  H&M , poloneck & trousers by  Zara

Above: bag by Coccinelle, Below: blazer by H&M, poloneck & trousers by Zara

Well, you know how Easter passes and Spring is in full force? Instead, it's just been obnoxiously grey outdoors recently! Thankfully I've won a bag that just screams Summer. Yes, won!! It was one of those impossible pick-a-key-out-of-a-jar things and somehow I got lucky! White bags are definitely trending this season and to top it off this particular one is made in the most supple of leathers! What's more, it's split into two compartments keeping my belongings in order. So I owe one big thank you to the universe and a larger one to Coccinelle Malta of course <3

C x