Snap and Go

gold button navy blazer.jpg

Hello. We're still alive, albeit sedentary. This is just us saying we're alive and gearing up for busier schedules once again. In the meantime, here are two quick iPhone shots of two life-costume changes – number one being casual-dinner attire for my mum's birthday, and number two (seen below), a print cocktail of sorts by way of tartan and… graffiti? It's a Cuban-inspired sketchorama, if I had to invent a name for it. Sounds great, nej?

1) Double-breasted blazer and belt (similar here) by Asosdenim jacket and tweed trousers by H&M, shirt (similar here) by Selected Homme and trainers by Converse
2) Tartan shirt by Topman, overshirt by H&M

Now begone!

Sandro x

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