Coat by  Zara ;  Denim jacket (new)  and sweater by  H&M ;  cropped trousers  by  Topman ;  triple monkstrap boots  by  Alexander McQueen  via  Mr Porter   Photos by my friend Michela.

Coat by Zara; Denim jacket (new) and sweater by H&M; cropped trousers by Topman; triple monkstrap boots by Alexander McQueen via Mr Porter

Photos by my friend Michela.

Here's another garment orgy I hosted on my body parts. (I'm on a self-assigned mission to avoid the word "outfit" as much as possible.) I tried to limit the number of new purchases I wore during the trip, just so the novelty wouldn't wear off, but I couldn't resist the cropped trousers and the denim jacket. I've already waxed lyrical about the versatility of the denim jacket. The Milanese have made it their creed. The draped coat, on the other hand, is something I have only tried a fair few times. It has its charm, but when you're paranoid about losing your wallet, slip your arms into your sleeves and set the glamour aside. You'll live with it.

Sidenote: Don't be blinded by my cavernous smile. Also, I will say (quite conceitedly) that my hair game was strong. Something about the water or the air in England – boh!

denim under coat cropped trousers

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, and have a great week!

Sandro x