Avenue Montaigne

   British Vogue , April 2014 (via  tfs )

British Vogue, April 2014 (via tfs)

Photographer: Nigel Shafner
Fashion Editor: Joe McKenna
Models: Alewya Demmisse, Harleth Kuusik, Ine Neefs, Binx Walton, Olympia Campbell, Estella Brons, Natalie Westling, Elodia Prieto, Irina Liss


I was at my hairdresser's last Tuesday when I spotted the April issue of British Vogue on his magazine stand. I haven't procured myself a copy – fronted by Nigella Lawson – yet, so I leafed through and boy am I itching to buy this issue now.

This shoot in particular, styled by British Vogue regular Joe McKenna, holds a particular charm, because it takes a relatively mundane concept – shopping – and transforms it into a meta-editorial of sorts that shows you what to buy by showing you how to buy. Indeed, it circumvents itself as the middle man between the designer and the client by recreating the end result.

Each image captures an up-and-coming model perusing the shelves of fashion houses found on Avenue Montaigne in Paris, clad of course in said fashion label's garments. Trying on a shoe, checking the size on the mannequin's jacket, snapping a photo of your coveted bag – all motions often seen IRL, but effectively mutated into magazine-worthy pictorials. That is one of the oft-disregarded qualities of fashion publications: they de-normalise (hashtag not a word) standard scenarios in order to offer a fresh perspective on simplicity.

Shot #3 featuring the model kneeling in front of the Chanel boutique is my favourite. The man is subjugated to the woman, who is in turn subjugated to Karl Lagerfeld – a clear manifestation of the truth if ever I saw one. I'd never smiled at an editorial image before this one, so that must amount to something.

Sandro x